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     Circle of VisionKeepers is a bustling, thriving organization making a difference in lives, families and Ohio communities. Find out more about our services and projects- and please check back often to see how we are growing (don't forget to "bookmark" our site).


​    Individual and group counseling to help with the resocialization, reintegration and reunification with self, family and the community to which they are returning.


Support Groups

Help for Families

Job Training

Clothing Store


​   Each client is welcomed and treated as a friend. This support extends to their spouses and children as their experiences effect the entire family as a whole.

   The CVK "Time to be Grateful" event, is just one way we help citizens and their loved ones as they complete their reentry process


​      The Community Services Experience allow the "Returning Citizen" to gain knowledge of workplace values and gain skills necessary to obtain and maintain workplace accountability. 

      Not only will our participant receive  work experience they will receive a life experience.

"The Talking Circles" allow the individuals to work on cognitive behavioral issues and concerns by using the parables in the Hanbleceya, written by the late Dr. Robin "Doc" Herman. Khadijah Ali and Dave Thaeler are seasoned Facilitators with over 25 years of experience. Monthly groups with the Women who are returning home from prison will prepare them for reentry.

​​    We are blessed to provide clothing for our clients to wear to job interviews as well as provide clothing for the

'Transitional Journeys for Women of Purpose" program that provides "Going Home Clothing" for Women being released from the Dayton Correctional Facility (DCI).

Bus Tokens

​    New beginnings demand the ability to make appointments for job interviews and training, meetings and medical appointments.  

   CVK assists clients by providing bus tokens for those in need.

Gift Bags and Food Pantry

Bake Sales


​   Starting over sometimes means doing so "from scratch". CVK can be there to support the client through the entire process. Every ingredient added to the recipe for reentry is an important item.

    CVK provides gift bags for clients, which include emergency toiletries, food and other items. 


    CVK bake sales and orders are a very popular means of fundraising. Home baked desserts available delivered or for pick-up.

    Carrot cake, pound cake, banana bread, sweet potato pie, bean pie- and more!

Circle of VisionKeepers is a 501 (c) 3 charitable non-profit organization   © Circle of VisionKeepers 2012    3401 Woodman Drive, Suite 12, Kettering, OH 45459 Phone: 937- 296-1077;  937-409-7887 


3401 Woodman Drive Suite 12

Kettering, OH 45459



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