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The Gospelaires

(lead singer, Paul Arnold, front right)

     CVK Co-founder, Khadjiah Ali, is the eldest daughter of the late, Paul "Easy" Arnold, who was lead singer of the Dayton, Ohio, gospel group, "The Gospelaires".

     Formed in the 1950s, the singing sensation astonished and delighted audiences with their energetic, soulful songs. Dayton's rich musical heritage and legacy is enriched by the influences of the Gospelaires. Paul Arnold was a musical mentor to many Dayton performers who would later go on to form legendary groups of their own. Paul Arnold's musical legacy continues to this day to influence musicians from Dayton and beyond.


Clip above from the  mid-60s Lippmann-Rau

European Music Festival (second singer).

 Paul "Easy" Arnold Designated 2014 Dayton Walk-of-Fame Honoree!

Paul "Easy" Arnold, was chosen as one of four

designated as the 2014 Wright-Dunbar, Inc.

Dayton Walk of Fame honorees.

To all those in support of his nomination:

Your letters helped make this a reality- thank you!

Click HERE to watch the Paul Arnold video presentation

for the Dayton Walk of Fame ceremony.

The Paul "Easy" Arnold Walk of Fame tile is located in front

of the Bing Davis Ebonia Art Gallery and Shango cultural center,

at 1135 W 3rd St.- go check it out (and say, "Hello", to Bing for us).



     The Gospelaires have several vintage videos​ circulating online.  The video above features Paul Arnold & the Gospelaires as they perform, "Joy" and "Rest for the Weary" (Khadijah Ali's favorite Gospelaires songs sung by her father).


     Paul Arnold is well known in Dayton, Ohio and vicinity for his mentoring later, well known artists from the region (and beyond). An under-discussed music history fact is that of the Lippmann-Rau European music festivals of the mid-60s. They brought over US Blues, Jubilee Gospel, Bluegrass and Folk groups to tour Europe for the first time ever. Those festivals were enormously influential for the "British Invasion" musicians hitting the US (Mick Jagger, Eric Burdon and so many others). Knowing that, makes one wonder where Mick Jagger maybe got some of his performance moves! See video to the right for a Paul Arnold and the Gospelaires clip from the Lippmann-Rau tour- what do you think?

     Famous Gospel singer Dorothy Norwood was also on that tour and she claims Paul Arnold was for her an important musical mentor (as do many other gospel artists, including Dayton native, Dottie Peoples, who toured with Norwood and the group, The Caravans). Several years after the Lippmann-Rau tour, Mick Jagger invited Norwood to go on tour as back-up singer for the Rolling Stones- which she did! Check her out HERE, singing, "He's a Shelter (Jesus is a Rock)".

     Click HERE to read a 1966 Billboard Magazine article mentioning the Gospelaires participation at the famous "Jazz à Juan", Jazz festival at Antibes, France- where the Gospelaires performed along with legendary jazz giants Ella Fitzgerald; Duke Ellington; Anita O'Day- and more! Click HERE to see a video clip of that historic performance.

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