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Great CVK Memories!

  • Circle of VisionKeepers Board of Directors and volunteers would like say thank you, to the Dayton community for your support of our Access to Justice Awards Gala! We were so proud of ABLE and LAWO Board member Khadijah Ali and Program Director of the Circle of VisionKeepers, Inc. who received the Pat Rousseau Community Impact Award. Khadijah and the late Pat Rousseau work with women who were seeking Pat's legal advise to regain custody or visitation for their children. The women were Reentry participants. Khadijah Ali provided supportive services for food, clothing housing referrals to help with the women's reintegration back into society. Pat was a mentor to Khadijah and Khadijah learned much and misses Pat greatly. Khadijah states she will honor Pat by continuing their work. An excellent evening to pause and honor those who devote their lives to service.

1 access to justice 1.jpg

Khadijah Ali with Judge Walter Rice

when receiving the 2018

 Pat Rousseau Community Impact Award 


Khadijah Ali,

CVK​ Program Director

  • Khadijah Ali is the new president of the Presidents Club of Dayton, recently inducted during the Presidents Club Of  Dayton Annual Citizen Legion of Honor  Awards, with over 500 attending the event.

  • Courteney Huff receives award- read more HERE.

  • Khadijah Ali was sworn in June, 2017 as the new President of the Exchange Club of Dayton.


Khadijah Ali during her induction as

the new president of the

Presidents Club of Dayton.

Pictured with Jenell Ross, the recipient of the

2018 Citizen Legion Honoree Award.

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